Letter : To the headmaster asking him for applying for a job

Business Letter
Letter to the headmaster of your old school asking him for a testimonial as you are applying for a job
Lower Mall, Lahore,
April 01, 2014
The Headmaster,
AC,N High School.
Request for a Testimonial
Dear Sir,
I am an old boy of your school. I took my New School Certificate Examination in November. 2006 during the headmastership of Mr Lal Din.
I am applying for a job, and my prospective employer has asked for a testimonial from my school to be attached to my application, I was issued a testimonial at the time I left school, but it has been misplaced Could you please let me have another testimonial, or a copy of the old one? I was admitted to class I of your school; I took part in almost all its extramural activities Once I was chosen Head prefect, and at another time, I was chairman of the literary and debating society. For two years in succession, I captained the school Football Xl. Besides, I was secretary to the Dramatic Club and the photographic society for a year each. I am giving you alt these details as their inclusion in the testimonial will help me a lot in securing the post applied for please see the various teachers who were in charge of these clubs and Society from 2005 2006, to confirm my claims, and to supply you any additional information that they may have about, but I have mentioned them here, in case it may no longer be available.
Yours truly,

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