Letter : To your Headmaster complaining against him

Buisness Letter
A classmate of your always bullies you. Write to your Headmaster complaining against him.
International High School,
April 01, 2014
The Headmaster,
International High School,
With due respect, I beg to bring the following facts to your kind notice.
I am a class Ill A student of your school; a classmate of mine, Buland Bukhat always bullies me.
I don’t understand why he likes to maltreat me whenever, and wherever, he happens to come face to face with me. Whenever we happen to be cycling together on the road, he invariably pushes me down along with my bicycle. Then he damages the machine by throwing it about, or by stepping on the spokes of its wheels. He always ends up by deflating the tires and taking away the dynamo, and valves and their caps. Only when I have dragged the bicycle all the way to school, after this, does he return these things, but he does so only after making me beg, again and again, for every one of them.
My father has often rebuked me, and even beaten, for the poor upkeep of my bicycle, but I have always lied to him lest he should do anything rash to Buland Bukaht. He is very sensitive about us, his children, and should he come to know that I am being bullied, surely he wilt take the matter very seriously.
I avoid the usual road to school and start late from home lest my arrival at school before time should bring me torture at the hands of the bully.
I have, seldom enjoyed a drink or a meal at the school canteen, for Buland Bukhat is as sure to be there as death He eats off my food and spills away my drinks, while his companions stand round laughing.
I have, once again, complained to our class Master about this, but, apparently, he can’t , or would not do anything about it. My complaints have served only to make Buland Bukaht more brutal than before.
I spoke to my mother about Buland ukhats behavior and she advised me to approach you, over the head of my class Master, before reporting the matter to my lather, or to the police If you call any of my classmates to your office I am certain he will corroborate my statement.
Sir, I hope you wilt use your good offices with Buland Bukaht m order to dissuade him from his foolish conduct, before he does something thoroughly unforgivable. I feet that he has become so bold these days that the might do serious harm to somebody, or himself come to reparable grief. Thank you.
Your most obedient pupil,
Shahid Ali.

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