Magician - Poem


Poem : "Magician"

I'm learning to be a magician.
I'm conjuring magical spells,
performing complex incantations
with all kinds of whistles and bells.

I'm practicing several new card tricks.
I've learned how to juggle with rings.
I know how to levitate tables
and other inanimate things.

A rabbit will leap from my top hat.
A dove will fly out of my sleeve.
I'll mystify all of the skeptics
and even make cynics believe.

So come watch an elephant vanish.
I'll show you a trick with some ropes.
For this is my lifelong ambition
and these are my greatest hopes:

I hope I can startle my viewers.
I hope I can muster a laugh.
But mostly I hope that my sister
allows me to eat her slice of pizza in half..

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