Valentines Day Card - Poem

Valentines Day Card

Poem : "Valentines Day Card"

I'd rather fight a tiger,
covered head-to-toe in gravy.
I'd rather spend a decade
scrubbing toilets in the navy.
I'd rather hug a porcupine;
I'd rather wrestle eels.
I'd rather run a marathon
with splinters in my heels.
I'd rather sleep on mattresses
of razorblades and nails.
I'd rather try to skinny-dip
with starving killer whales.
I'd rather be tormented
by a gang of angry punks.
I'd rather share a bedroom
with a family of skunks.
I'd rather dine on mongo sprouts
and spinach for a year.
I'd rather ride a camel race
with blisters on my rear.
I'd rather eat half a ton of beans and lard
than say how much I like you
in a Valentine's Day card.

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