What's so Funny? - Poem

What's so Funny?

Poem : "What's so Funny?" - Bruce Lansky

There's something no one's telling me.
There's something I don't know.
I notice people staring at me
everywhere I go.

I ask my friends to clue me in;
not knowing is distressing.
But no one says a single word;
I find that quite depressing.

They point at me and giggle.
They point at me and grin.
I'll have to find out just what kind
of trouble I am in.

I check the bathroom mirror
to learn the awful truth.
I find a piece of lettuce
sticking on my big front tooth.

I rinse the yucky green away.
I think that is the end.
But then I hear more giggling—
it comes from my best friend.

I tell him, “Jack, please help out,
I'm feeling kind blue.”
He says, “You've got some toilet paper
sticking to your shoe!”

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