English Essay on A Man Can Achieve What he Wills to Achieve

English Essay on A Man Can Achieve What he Wills to Achieve

English Essay on "A Man Can Achieve What he Wills to Achieve"

A Man Can Achieve What he Wills to Achieve

We need up many things in writing and flunk In most of them, we bewail our lot and try to housing by expression that we were fated to accomplish this and fail in that. But designate is a figment of man's vision: it is a sanctuary only for those who are ignoble and deficiency in judgment. Man is the creator of his own ordain. He can change himself, if he has the will. He can also mar himself, if he wavers and submits to anti forces.educationsight.blogspot.com A man of mind never fails. His unshaken mind coupled with his unintimidated try carries him to the goal and makes him a soundly prosperous man. But a man, who trembles at every step and has no certainty in himself, can never push the goal and dies an dishonourable decease. Parliamentarian Medico could never bonk regained his motherland -from the clutches of the opponent if he submitted to the so-called fate and gave up the crime. No point can reaching his left if in the face of elevation waves, he is terrified and scattered and leaves the fill to designate.

Designate is cypher and null can ever do anything. It is, therefore, preposterous to depend on doom. In dictate to attain success, we are to depend on ourselves alone. God has blessed man with the faculties of cerebration, belief and lief. He has also supposition him noesis for activity. It is thus man unaccompanied to create out his fate. When leave and endeavour are one unitedly, success is assured.

From the foregoing remarks it is now obvious that a man who sticks to his gun and activity, wins the endeavour which to a wavering man having emotional or no authority in himself appears as an impossibility. In fact, a man can reach what he wills to achieve.

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