Story on A Man is known by The Company he keeps

A Man is known by The Company he keeps

Short Story on "A Man is known by The Company he keeps"

Once there was a student, Akbar. He was the only son of his parents. He passed his Matriculation examination in a high first division. He had some very able and hardworking friends who helped him with his studies.

Akber joined a college. Now, he felt that he would easily do whatever he desired. He came to have some friends who never studied. They wasted their time and that of other easily and Akbar had started wasting his precious time in their company. The result was that he failed in his next Board examination.

After his failure in the Board examination, Akbar decided to leave the company of the bad boys. He again began meeting and sitting with able students. As a result, he also became able, but after losing a year. Now he realized that the friends and companions of a person influence his character. In fact he a person is known through his friends. Akbar often remembered the saying he had learnt in his school days. A man is known by the company he keeps. This is the moral of this very story.

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