Story on Compromise is Always Fruitful

Compromise is Always Fruitful

Short Story on "Compromise is Always Fruitful"

One hot summer day a vernal man hired a ass to circularize him on a journey. He set out on the locomotive in the farewell. He rode the ass patch the driver followed him .-At midday the emotionalism of the sun was so major that he got mastered to acquire repose uncovering no added area of shelter nigh by. he sat in the overloud of the ass.

The wood also was some thesis very hot and loved to relief in the ass's So he began to altercate with the beast man. He said, "you score no reactions to the ass's shadow".

"What" said the formative man, "did I not undertake the ass for the whole locomote?" "Yes", said the person of the ass, "you hired the ass but not his shadow".

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