Story on Compromise is always fruitful

Compromise is always fruitful

Short Story on "Compromise is always fruitful"

A rich man hired a donkey to take him on a journey. He set out on the donkey’s back and the owner of the donkey followed him. At noon the sun became very hot. So the rich man got down the donkey to repose. As there was no tree for shelter, he sat down in the shadow of the donkey. The owner of the donkey also felt hot and wanted to rest in the shadow of the donkey. So he asked the rich man to move away from the shadow so that he could rest. The rich man said. ‘Why‘ I have hired the donkey and as such I have the right to sit in his shadow. The owner “ Yes, you have hired the donkey but not the shadow.’ They fell out on the point and came to blows soon. Meanwhile the donkey ran away leaving them behind. When they came to senses they repented their mistakes as the owner had lost his donke and the rich man had to travel on foot and both of them had to bear the scorching sun.

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