Story on Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise

Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise

Short Story on "Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise"

Once there lived a man who always boasted of his might, his valour and his feats. He used to tell always how single handed he had fought against a gang of dacoits and made then to take to their heels, how he had killed a loin with his blows and how he had subdued a furious bull. His neighbors considered him to be a cry bold man and they thought that he would save them if sonic dacoits attacked the village.

One night, a gang of robbers attacked the village. The villagers sent a message to him to come to help them. The messenger told him about the attack and asked him to come to As soon as the boaster heard about the attack of the robbers he fainted. The messenger ran back and told the villagers to face the robbers themselves as the boaster had fainted on hearing about the robbers. After the villagers repulsed the attack they sat down to talk about the conduct of the boaster. An old man who was present there said, There is nothing to amaze at. He is an empty vessel that sounds much.”

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