Story on Handsome is that Handsome Does

Handsome is that Handsome Does

Short Story on "Handsome is that Handsome Does"

Once there was a young prince who wanted to marry a handsome girl. He had heard about the beauty of certain girls. So he intended to go to their houses in the disguise of a poor traveler, When he reached the house of the girl formed as the prettiest in the country she refused to admit a dirty traveler in rags into her house. Then he went to the house of another girl famous for her beauty. She admitted him but treated him with contempt. The third beautiful girl refused to give him food in her plate and asked him to bring a leaf of banana to use as a plate. He visited many beautiful girls but they treated him with disdain.

One day he reached a village. As darkness was approaching, he knocked at a door. A young girl opened the door. The prince in rags asked for shelter and The girl admitted him in, took him into a room and asked him to sit down. Then she heated sonic water and asked him to bathe with it so that his weariness was relieved. After the bathe she brought two breads of millet and a bowl of goal’s milk and putting them before him retested him local. The prince was hungry and ale the bread with milk with relish.

After the meal, the girl sat down near the prince to chat. She told him that she lived with her blind mother in the house and tended the goats of the villagers to earn bread. She made a bed for the prince to sleep and bade good night,

In the morning the prince woke tip and went away after the break fist. The reached his palace and told the vazirs that the had chosen a girl for his wife. “Poor, illiterate and a girl of no extra ordinary beauty though she is, yet to me, she is the most befitting girl to be a future queen, as her manners, her attitude to poor and her treatment with people clad in rags are matchless”, declared the Prince. He further said, “Handsomeness is not something external. Handsome is that handsome does.”

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