Letter : To editor Regarding the deplorable condition of your locality

To editor Regarding the deplorable condition of your locality
Haseeb Khan,
328, Modal Colony,
April 14, 2014
The Editor,
The Herald,
Kindly allow me to draw the attention of the authorities of the City District Govt. of Karachi to the deplorable condition of Modal colony: There is utter lack of civic amenities in this big colony. The roads of the colony are in a deplorable condition. There are big pot holes on the roads which are health hazards in two ways. In the rainy season, these pot holes are filled with water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies. Secondly they make driving very difficult and have caused a number of accidents. These roads appear to be roads of the nineteenth century and not the Pakistan which is preparing to go into the twenty first century.
There is absence of street light in the colony. Most of the poles in the colony remain without bulbs and tubes for most part of the year. The dark streets are a great encouragement to the thieves and other anti-social elements.
The streets of the colony are not properly and frequently cleaned. The sweepers assigned to this colony do not perform their duty well and there seems to be no one to check them. Heaps of rubbish can be seen lying here and there which not only look unseemly, but also spread disease.
I, therefore request the CDGK authorities on behalf of the residents of the colony to take immediate steps for the improvement of the colony.
Yours Sincerely,
Haseeb Khan

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