A Foolish Crow - Story

A Foolish Crow

Short Story on "A Foolish Crow"

One fine morning, a fat and foolish crow sat near the kitchen of a rich man’s house. He was waiting for an opportunity to steal some food. As soon as the cook came out to get something, the crow sneaked in and picked up a big piece of fried meat in his beak. He flew away to a tree in the nearby forest.
By chance, a lean and hungry fox was silting near that tree. He saw the fat and foolish crow with a big piece of meat in his beak. He could not just sit quiet and sec the crow cat the meat with relish. So he devised a cunning plan to cheat him.
He went towards the tree, and, addressing the COW in a very pleasant and flattering voice, said, “Good morning, dear Mr. Crow.” The crow did not answer. The lox said again, “How do you do, my dear friend? How happy I feel to sec you!” Still the crow did not greet him. He kept silent and thought, How can I speak if open my beak, the meat will fall down.”
But the fox was not disappointed. He spoke once again in a honeyed tone. ‘What is the matter with you? Why don’t you answer me? Have you forgotten your old admirer. How often I have heard you sing in your melodious voice will you please sing me a song ? I know you will not disappoint an old friend. Please Mr. Crow !“
The crow was fat and foolish; and the fox was very cunning. The crow forgot the piece of meat in hi beak. He was beside himself with joy. He opened his beak and began to caw. The piece of meat fell down right into the mouth of the fox who was Waiting for it.

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