Application : To Headmaster of school to make proper arrangement for drinking water

Proper Arrangement for Drinking Water
The Headmistress,
ABC school,
May 06, 2014
Our electric cooler is mostly out of order. The students have to drink hot water in the hot summer days. It is great discomfort to them. Moreover, the quality of water is not good at our school. The water is stinking. Maybe the water tank is not cleaned regularly and property.
Drinking water at our school [as become a health hazard. Every student is complaining about the water. The school authorities seem to have no concern for students’ health. It. is a matter of school reputation. If the school cannot even provide clean water to students. how can it provide good education to students.
We request you to make proper arrangements for drinking water. Would you please buy a new electric water cooler for our school and see that the water tank is cleaned regularly. It is a matter of health.
Yours Obediently,

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