King Thrush beard - Story

King Thrush beard

Short Story on "King Thrush beard"

A king had a very beautiful daughter who was very arrogant. She thought that no man was good enough for her.
Once she ridiculed one of her suitors saying, “His chin is like a thrush’s beak.” From that day the poor suitor was called Thrush beard.
The king was very angry with his daughter. “You are not fit be a princess. As a punishment you will marry a beggar.” The beggar sent her to work as a maid in the king’s kitchen. At the ceremony of the prince’s wedding, she stood watching all the people gaily dancing. The princess felt sad alone.
Suddenly, the prince asked her to dance with him. He told her that he was Thrush beard, the same suitor whom she had ridiculed in the past. He also told her that he had disguised himself as the beggar to teach her a lesson. “Please forgive me. Now I know I was wrong,” begged the princess. Thrush-beard was kind. He forgave her and they lived happily ever after.

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