Letter : Of complaint to the Postmaster-General Lahore

Complaint to the Postmaster-General Lahore
The Postmaster-General,
May 13, 2014
I would like to bring to your kind notice that I sent a money order on 6, Feb, 2014 to Quetta to the address Mr. Noor Muhammad, C/b; Mr. Au Jan Khan, Fruit Merchant, Quetta-Pashin but I received a letter from Mi’ Noor Muhammad to-day that he has not realized the -money as yet.
I hope you will make an enquiry for the same and have it cashed immediately through the Postmaster of Quetta. The M.O. Receipt No. 355629, dated 6.2.2014 is enclosed herewith.
Your Obediently servant.
(Nasir Ahmad)

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