Letter : To editor of a newspaper complaining about use of fire crackers thoughts the year

Complaining about the use of fire crackers thoughts the year
Examination Centre,
May 08, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,
Dear Sir,
The use of fire crackers and fire arms is increasing nowadays. Everybody seems to be playing with the tire crackers. The fire crackers are used extensively on the eve of marriages and on the eve of the new year. This is a very dangerous practice. Many people die or get wounded.
The use of fire crackers is on the increase. Everybody starts using fire crackers whenever they want. If our team wins, they start even firing. If they are angry, use of fire cracker and fire arms starts at once. Their use should be completely banned now. A lot of people have already died.
The concerned authorities should look into the matter and completely ban their manufacturing and use.
Yours truly,

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