Letter : To editor of a newspaper complaining about astray dogs in area

Complaining about the astray dogs in your area
Examination Centre,
May 06, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,
Dear Sir,
The astray dogs are roaming everywhere in our area. Some of them are mad too. These mad dogs have bitten many people. Everybody is afraid of these dogs especially children. They keep barking all the time. Sometimes they run after people. They have become a great threat to people particularly at nights.
It is high time that the city government should take serious steps to get rid of these astray dogs. They are a great nuisance for people. Nobody wants to see these astray dogs roaming all over the city. They become a serious threat for people especially in the darkness at night.
The concerned authorities should look into the matter and do something about these dogs.
Yours truly,

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