Letter : To the editor of a newspaper complaining about the loud music in buses and wagons

Complaining about the loud music in buses and wagons
Examination Centre,
May 5, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,
Dear Sir,
Almost everyone listens to music and enjoys it. However, the loud music in public transport is unbearable and deafening. It might also cause traffic accidents because the drivers might distract and not focus on driving. Besides, the taste of music differs from people to people. A driver’s choice of songs might not please every car. Some drivers really play vulgar songs in wagons and buses. Sometimes it becomes a cause of quarrel among the passengers and the driver. The passengers start shouting at the driver for playing such songs. The driver refuses to listen to them. This quarrel might result in a traffic accident. There must be some rules in this regard.
The concerned authorities should look into the matter and stop this loud music in public transport.
Yours truly,

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