Letter : To your father explaining the reasons of failure in the last Half-Yearly Examination

Explaining the reasons of failure in the last Half-Yearly Examination
The Examination Hall,
May 13, 2014
My Dear Father,
I received your kind letter the day before yesterday. I was so pleased to read its contents that I cannot express my feelings in words. You have asked me why I failed in my last Half- yearly examination. The fact is that I had ore pared well for the examination, but just before it, I fell ill seriously.
I have kept a bad health since I come to Karachi. I could not do my first two papers well. It was only a couple of days before the examination that I recovered from the illness. I have continued to study all my subjects well after recovery.
Dear father, as you know that I hope never neglected my studies at any stage. But it was God’s will that all of sudden I fell ill. I feel ashamed of my failure in the examination and want to wash off this disgrace. I assure you that I shall leave no stone unturned to get 1st Division in the annual examination.
Please pay my respect to dear mother and love to Mah Noor.
Yours affectionately,

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