Letter : To father requesting to allow to go on a pleasure trip with college friends

Requesting to allow to go on a pleasure trip
The Examination Hall,
May 13, 2014
My Dear Father,
I received your kind letter yesterday. I was so glad to read its contents that I con not express my feelings in words. I am very pleased to write you that all the students of our hostel have decided to go on a pleasure trip to Moen-jo-Daro next month. One of our senior professors will accompany us. I wish to accompany them. You know that Moen-jo-Daro is an historical place.
I should like to know whether you would permit me to join them. Let me tell you that I hove a keen desire to visit Moen-jo-Daro because I wish to see the ruins of the beautiful city, Moen-jo-Daro and seals, jewellery, toys, weapons, painted pottery, head of a bull, a metal statue of a dancing girl and metal tools kept in the Museum of Moen-jo-Daro with my own eyes. The joy of the company of friends is, of course, an additional advantage. I shall be very happy if you kindly allow me to jbin them in this pleasure trip.
I assure you that it will not be very expensive as we are getting railway concession. I simply need your permission. I hope you will gladly allow me to go with college fellows.
With best regards,
Yours affectionately.

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