Letter : To your father about your progress in your studies

About progress studies
The Examination Hall,
A.B.C. Road,
May 21, 2014
My Dear Father,
I received your kind letter yesterday. I was so happy to read it that I cannot express my feelings in words. You have asked me about my progress in studies. My annual examination is very near. I am working very hard for my examination nowadays. I get up early in the morning and study all my subjects for four hours. I have my lunch on time. After taking my meal, I take some rest. After a short while I get up and study till about eleven o’clock at night.

You will be very happy to learn that I have given up all my extra-activities. You already know that I have got good marks in all my subjects in the Half Yearly Examination. At present I have made notes for all my subjects with the help of my well wishers friends and the able professors. I am really fortunate that I have finished all my course and I have thoroughly revised it twice and completely prepared it.
All the lecturers and professors give us tests and revise important lessons. In the Preliminary examination I have got nearly 75% marks in all subjects with distinction. By the grace of God I expect to pass my annual examination with flying colors getting at least 85% marks in all subjects because all my teachers are very kind to me and satisfied with my work. Please convey my compliments to mother.
With love and best wishes,
Yours affectionately,

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