Letter : To your uncle thanking him for a gift you have received from him

Thanking for a gift you have received from him
The Examination Hall.
A.B.C. Road,
May 24, 2014
My Dear Uncle,
Many thanks for your kind letter, which I received the day before yesterday. I was so prĂ©cised to read its contents that I can not express my feelings in words. I am very glad to write to you that I received lqbol’s Mong-e-Daro as a birthday present from you. I received many presents on my birthday but this book was just the thing I needed. Not only I but other members of the family also liked the gift.
It will always remind me of your great love for me. You will be very happy to learn that I have a small library at home which contains good books on different subjects. I have studied the work of Aesop, Plato, Aristotle, Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Corlyle, Count Leo Nikoloevich Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Sir Henry Wotton, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Chares Dickens. And now I have succeeded to increase a valuable and useful book in the collection of my books.
At night I read a few lines of Bang-e-dara and they give me great pleasure. This book shows that Allama lqbal is not only a lyrical poet but also a great thinker. His poetry contains philosophic thoughts upon many aspects of life, It is really a very nice book and I thank you for carefully selecting it and sending it to me as a gift. On this auspicious day of my life I pray for your long life and happiness of every sort.
Please remember me to dear aunt and convey my compliments to all the members of the family and love to dear Bano.
Yours affectionately,

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