Little Ben Bute - Poem

Little Ben Bute

Poem : "Little Ben Bute" - W.B. Rands

O little Ben Bute
Had a flute, flute, flute,
And went about the world in a
knicker—bocker suit;

Down, up and down,
And round about the town,
He played and he played tootle-too, toot, toot!
Tootle-too, tootle-too-ey!

He could not play it well,
So the notes rose and fell,
Tootle, tootle-too, with a twirl and a squeak;
The wind, puff, puff,
Was forty times enough,
That he sent into the flute from his
cheek, cheek, cheek,
Tootle-too, tootle-too-ey!

Then people to the lad
Said “This is very bad!
Our ears they are splitting, with
your toot, toot, toot;
Is there no one within reach—
What, no one!— who will teach
Little Bute how to play upon the
flute, flute, flute?”
Tootle-too, tootle-too-ey!

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