My Favourite Teacher - English Essay

My Favourite Teacher

English Essay on "My Favourite Teacher"

I have the good fortune of knowing many able teachers. My heart goes out in love and gratitude’ to all of them, for I have learned from them. That is why I find it difficult to decide who my favourite teacher is. I believe, it is Mr. Hassan who has all the qualities which claim my admiration. Mr. Hassan is our lecturer in Psychology. He is in his late forties. He is a tall man with a kind, smiling face, bright eyes and graying hair. I remember that the very first time I met him, I was impressed by his graceful personality. He is a true scholar and has a firm grip on his He teaches Psychology in an extremely interesting and effective way. He speaks in a lively and conversional manner, every now and then asking the students for their views. This naturally inspires confidence in us and holds our attention. Indeed, during his lecture we are so much absorbed in the lesson that no one has time to think of any mischief. What a pleasure to have a teacher who commands attention and respect not by angry threats hut by devotion to his subject.

He is certainly popular with the students, and the secret of his popularity is his real sympathy for them. He is always willing to help. If you go to him with a problem you will not he disappointed. He will offer his mature advice without any show of superiority. “Young men have problems he says, “which are inevitable, you cannot condemn them for being young. So he will not denounce but persuade,’ and his persuasion is effective. He helps the students hut does not seek or encourage intimacy. He never chooses favourites, because he has no need flatterers. His love, sympathy and advice are for all. Mr. Hassan is also the President of the College Debating Club. He guides us in all matters which we cannot manage ourselves, He helps the debaters in preparing their speeches. When I joined the college, I wished to become a debater hut lacked the courage to face the audience. So, for a long time, I kept the ambition to myself. Then, one day, I went to Mr. Hassan and told him how much I desired to become a speaker. He encouraged me to prepare a speech for the next debate. He was kind enough to suggest some improvements when I went to him with my speech. Not only this hut he also told me how to deliver it.

Mr. Hassan loves literature and has a refined taste. He can speak off-hand on any topic suggested to him. It is a pleasure to hear him talk on any subject. Indeed he is the one, who is my favourite teacher.

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