Knowledge is Power - Story

Knowledge is Power

Short Story on "Knowledge is Power"

Ali and Fahad were fast friends. They were classmates also. Both were students in class three. Ali was the son of a poor man and Fahad belonged to a posh class family. Ali was diligent, hardworking and curious about knowledge. Fahad was lazy and ease loving. The school they were admitted was quite prestigious. Only the rich could afford the education from the school of posh locality.

The father of Ali was a factory worker and could hardly make his both ends meet. Ali’s education was beyond his affordability. Ali had to quit his school because of their intense poverty. He continued his education from his mother. He also assisted his mother .and father in so many ways. At the age of twelve, his father took him to his working, place for the job. Ali felt very delighted at this stage. He took keen interest in all works. Soon he was called a young mechanic because he became well versed in the working mechanism of the factory.

At the age of eighteen he was transferred to head office. This was in recognition of his growing talents. With the passage of time, his position grew more strong in his working place. His old friend Fahad remained in school. Despite all the facilities, he could not progress. He was promoted to further classes by the influence of his father. Fahad continued his | f education by fits and starts. When he became twenty, his father died due to serious ailment.

It was, a terrible blow to their family. Fahad and his mother were facing quite touah time. Fahad had to look For a job but he remained disappointed and sad. Later he asked his friend Ali to help him regarding job in the factory. Fahad was given the job which provided him financial support. This employment did not please him, but he had to work there. Later, Fahad realized the fact that hard work is a royal road to success and “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”.

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