Letter : To Your Friend Telling Him your Inability to Join Him on a Picnic

Friend Telling Inability to Join on a Picnic
Examination Hall,
June 27, 2014
My Dear Friend,
Hope you are enjoying the best of health. I am also enjoining the life by the grace of Almighty Allah.
Last week you dropped me a letter in which you’ve invited me to join you on a picnic point. Truly I am very much in the favour of this invitation but due to an appointment with my family physician I cannot give my time to you. I do believe that we will have a joyous time but as my health is not so progressive that’s why I am not in a state to join you on the picnic. Sorry for refusing and hurting your feelings.
I do hope that you will forgive me. Give my regards to your parents.
Your Loving Friend,

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