Letter : To your father to raise your monthly allowance

Raise monthly allowance
Riwas Garden,
July 25, 2014
My Dear Father,
How happy was I when I received your loving letter late last week, in which you advised me to work hard and get a good division in Board's examination. I promise to follow your advice in letter and spirit.
These days the prices of everything, edible or non-edible, are rising high and becoming dearer very frequently. The mess charges have been raised by the contractor. The milkman has also increased his rate and so is the fruit seller’s doing. It has become very difficult for me to pull on with the monthly allowance you are sending me now.
I cannot easily take milk and fruits which are very essential to keep fit and good health. So, I request you to very kindly increase my monthly allowance from rupees four hundred to five hundred.
With regards to mother and love to Sister.
Your loving son,

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