Letter : Advising him not to take this step and promising help to him

Advising not to take step and promising help to him
Examination Hall,
Sept 30, 2014
My Dear,
I am in receipt of your letter and beileve me, the contents of it shocked me. I could never imagine that a student of your ability could ever think of leaving school because of financial hardships. I know that your parents are too poor to support you. It is a strange thing that such a brilliant boy as you are should belong to a family too poor to enable you to continue your studies. In the circumstances you are in a more pitiable position for no fault of yours.
But I advise you not to lose heart. Life is a great struggle and one cannot taste its ultimate sweetness unless one has experienced its miseries, who knows what good will come out of your present difficulties?
Last night when I was reading your letter and thinking over it, my father suddenly appeared on the scene and inquired about you. He was very much shocked to learn about your difficulties. He was all the more sorry to think that a brilliant student like you would ruin his life because of financial difficulties. You will be glad to know that he very kindly agreed to a monthly allowance of Rs. 150/- to you. I hope you will have no obligation to this help and will never think of leaving school before completing your studies.
Please let me know if this amount will enable you to meet your needs. We can raise the amount upon your asking. Please be frank and do not worry about anything.
Your sincere friend,

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