Letter : To your friend giving your impressions of the hostel life in a school

Giving impressions of hostel life in a school
Examination Hall,
Sept 30, 2014
My Dear,
You will be happy to know that I have succeeded in getting a room in the school Vaishya hostel. I am writing this letter to give you my impressions of hostel life.
Hostel life for a student is very useful. It regulates his life and creates in him a sense of discipline. Generally, more than one student lives in a room which provides all of them opportunity to come into one another's contact more closely and study human nature.
In our hostel 90 students of various classes have been given accommodation. On the very first occasion I felt a sense of loneliness but soon I made several friends. Now life in the hostel is full of charm. It is extremely delightful and interesting. Though mostly we live inside our hostel yet there are no rigid checks and restraints.
Our warden is a great disciplinarian. He always expects from us everything in time. He is as much interested in our studies and health as in our moral make-up. He keeps a strict watch on those who return to hostel late in the night.
From what I have seen in my hostel I can say that it is here that we learn the art of living. We discuss about current events and organise outdoor trips and come to know how to move in society. As such life in a hostel is never dull and monotonous.
I would appreciate very much if you could come over here to live with me for a couple of days and see things with your own eyes. Shall I hope you will come ?
Your sincere friend,

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