Letter : To your younger brother who is not doing well at studies

Brother who is not doing well at studies
Examination Hall,
May 30, 2014
My Dear,
I have received a letter from father in which he has written to me about your bad result at the first terminal examination. He is sad at this. He expected better performance from you. Dear brother, it is surprising to find you so low on the ladder. You were very intelligent then. We had studied together. I know your capacities. The steep fall in attainments in mathematics and English are heart-breaking. I know there is a lot of difference between classes X and XI.
There is a change in the method of teaching. Lectures are not so easy to understand, as lessons in the High School classes. However, it should not have been a very difficult thing for you. Your grasp is so keen. What I am afraid of is that you have failed to adjust yourself in the hostel. In your bid to be popular, you might have given up studies and even lectures at college. With nobody to check your movements, you are master of your will. Some good students have been seen to have fallen prey to this false notion of popularity.
They went astray and spoiled their careers. May God forbid, if you take to that path, my heart will ache. Is it not the very college where your elder brother got a first class with distinction in Mathematics? Beware of fair-weather friends. They do not love you; they love your money. They will not be sorry if you go to dogs. Your teachers may be giving you a few concessions because you are my brother. I am also writing to Prof. Sharma, Prof. Khan and Prof. Amjad for being strict to you. I am not supposed to give you sermons.
They are meant for those who do not know. You know everything. You need no telling of your duties. All that is needed is the will—the will to improve. Please for your own sake, if not for mine or father's, take to studies. You are student first and to everything afterwards.
Your own dear brother,

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