Letter : To your father, requesting him to buy you a new cycle

Requesting to buy you a new cycle
Examination Hall,
Nov 28, 2014
My Dear Father,
Your letter reached me this morning. We are all well and remember you much. We hope you have taken charge of your new post and adjusted yourself to the work. We request you to be here during holidays. You now that our house is 5 km. away from the new school.
I have to cover the whole distance on foot. The school begins at 7 a.m. I usually get late for my school. Thus my studies are hampered. Besides, my teachers rebuke me in the presence of my classmates. You know your son and can imagine how I must be taking it. At noon the sun is very hot. It is rather tiring to walk this distance on foot under the scorching sun. I am dead tired by the time I reach home. Should I, therefore, request you kindly to buy me a new cycle as early as convenient to you.
Your loving son,
Yours affectionately,

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