Letter : To Principal of college in which your son is reading complaining of your son being bullied

Reading complaining of your son being bullied
Examination Hall,,
Dec 21, 2014
Dear Sir,
I am sorry to point out that my son Fahim, student of IXth class of your college, has been found to be very much distressed and out of sorts for the last few days. There are bruises on his cheeks and forehead and his face is pulled down. He has not told me the true facts but I can presume that he is receiving injuries from some boys of higher classes.
I am afraid if I don't bring this fact to your notice, I will not be doing duty as a guardian. I request you to please take Fahim into confidence and discover the facts so that if there is anything wrong with him it may be mended.
Please don't think that I am writing this in a complaining spirit. In fact, Fahim has gained a lot since he joined your school. Only the low spirits in which I have found him during the last few days have compelled me to write this letter to you so that you could make enquiries and do anything you consider necessary for the welfare of my son.
Thanking you.
Yours very truly,

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