Letter : To your friend telling him about your visit to a historical place

Telling about visit to a historical place
Examination Hall,
Nov 05, 2014
My Dear,
Many thanks for your loving letter received two days ago. I am very happy to know that you are quite well now. I give below a description of the Minar E Pakistan, a building of great historical importance. I hope you will find it interesting and useful.
I visited the Minar E Pakistan at Lahore on Sunday last. This grand building was built by Muslim Labor, in the loving memory of his beloved Poet Allama Iqbal. This dream in white marble stands on a raised platform on the right bank. Four high minarets stand on the four corners of this terrace. Precious stones are beset in the walls and the verses of the holy Quran engraved thereon are still bright and intact.
The tombs are enclosed by beautiful lattice work. The mosaic and floral work of this monument is matchless. There is a grand garden with a tank before this building. Several fountains play in it. Visitors sit here on marble benches and enjoy the charming beauty of the Minar E Pakistan which looks more beautiful in a moonlit night. I was lucky to have met a few friends of mine in the park. They too had come there to see the Minar E Pakistan. We chatted and enjoyed the grand sight of the world famous with the help of a professional guide. Hoping you would also visit this ‘Dream in white marble’ one day with your consort.
Yours sincerely,


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