Letter : To your elder brother about the illness of your mother

About the illness of your mother
Examination Hall,
City A.B.C.
April 20, 2015
My Dear Brother,
Yesterday, I received your letter. I am happy to know that you are alright. You will be sorry to know that mother has been suffering from fever for the last three days. Her condition became very serious yesterday. I at once sent for Dr. Tariq. He gave her three injections. After taking three doses of the medicine, she passed a peaceful night.
The doctor told us that she was, now, quite out of danger. Thank God she is recovering now. You need not worry. We are all nursing her carefully and acting in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. Mother says that you need not come here. I shall keep informing you about her health, If there is any thing, I will let you know. Write soon.
With best regards,
Yours affectionately,

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