Letter : To your mother who is worried about your health

Worried about your health
Examination Hall,
City A.B.C,
April 20, 2015
My Dear,
It pains me to hear that you did not do well in the second quarterly examination. You have failed in English, Urdu and even in Islamic Studies. You should be ashamed of it. You know I showed good results in the same school. All teachers know that you ore my brother. They expect good results from you too. But you have disappointed all of them as well as us.
Your teacher has written that you are often absent from school and comes not prepared with your lesson. He has also, pointed out that you are getting into bad company. I am shocked to know all this. You should give up your bad company at once: otherwise you will be ruined. You belong to a noble family and you should not disgrace it.
I have requested your teacher to report me about you every month. If your next report is not satisfactory, it will be my painful duty to bring it to the notice of the father. I do not say that you should always study but game is also important for health. But both the things should be at their time. I hope you will mend your ways and try to show better result in future.
With best wishes.
Yours affectionately,

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