History of computer with the help of Table

History of computer with the help of Table Points : define the history of computer with the help of table?
Computer History Table
300 BCAbacusChinese
614 ADLogarithmsJohn Napier
1617Napier BonesJohn Napier
1632Slide RuleWilliam Oughted
1623Binary CodesFrancis Bacan
1642Mechanical calculator addition and subtractionPascal
1670Complete calculating machineGottfier Heibnitz
1801Punched CardJoseph Marie Jacquard
1820Difference EngineCharles Babbage
1823Analytic EngineCharles Babbage
1854Boolean algebraGeorge Boole
1887ComptometerD.E Felt
1890Automatic Census TabulationDr. Herman Hollerith
1906Vacuum tubeHee De Forest
1944First Electro Mechanical Calculator Mark IProfessor Howard Aiken IBM
1945Mark IIManufacture (IBM)
1946First Electronic Digital Computer i.e. (ENIAC)J.W Mouchly and P.S Eckert
1947Stored Program ConceptDr. John Von Neuman
1949First, Stored Program Computer (EDSAC)Cambridge University M.V Walkes
1950EDVACDr. John Von Neuman
1952Univac Computer Correctly predicts election of Eisen bower
1957First Satellite Launched (Russia)
1963Basic Developed Darthmout
1969Arpanet (Internet)
1970Floppy Disk
1971Microprocessor Chip Intel 4004Intel Corporation
1975First pocket size calculator invented
1977First Micro Computer
19785.25 inches floppy disk
1993Multimedia Desktop Computers Network computer, VCDs full motion video telephone teleconferencing
1998Video CDs (VCDs)
1999Full motion telephone

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