'F' idioms and phrases with urdu meaning

Idioms and Phrases beginning with 'F'

Idioms and Phrases With Urdu Meaning

Face the musicنا خوشگوار کو قبولThe smugglers must be put before law to face to music.
Face to faceآمنے سامنےThe two enemies met face to face in the battle field.
Face valueقیمتThe face value of this coin is one rupee.
I have two facesدوغلا چہرہ ہوناEvery politician has at least two faces.
Lose faceغیرت کھوناMany ministers have lost faces.
Pull a long faceاداس دکھائی دیناWhen a politician loses elections, he puts a long face.
Save one’s selfزلت سے بچناYou must pay something to the creditors to save your face.
Show one’s faceظاہر ہوناI will show my face at your marriage, even though I am seriously Ill.
To one’s faceاس کی موجودگی میںNobody dare criticize a minster of millionaire to his face.
To look in the faceبہادر ہوناTo look in the face of one's enemy is a reflection of boldness.
To make facesمنہ بناناDo not make faces at your elders.
To put a new face onکی کیفیت بدلناThe death of Mr. Quaid has put a new face on Pakistan’s foreign policy.
As a matter of factحقیقت میںAs a matter of fact, Allama Iqbal was a great philosopher.
In factدر حقیقتIn fact, we met last year.
In point of factدر حقیقتIn point of fact, Indian team lost the match without having fought for it.
Fade awayآہستہ آہستہ غائب ہوناEvils do not fade away.
Fag-endچیز کا گھٹیا حصہTo serve our guests at he fag-end of table is contrary to good manners.
Without failیقیناWe are meeting tomorrow without fail.
Far and squareایماندارYou ought to be for and square in all your dealings.
Did fairوعدہHe bids fair to become a minister.
In a fair way toکامیابی کے نزدیکShe is in a fair way to bear a child.
Keep fair withاچھے تعلقات رکھناYou must keep fair with your friends.
Stand fair withکسی کی نظر میں اچھا ہوناMushahid stood fair with the former Prime Minister.
Behind the fairبہت دیر بعدIn working for success he was behind the fair.
Fair playایمانداریLet us adopt fair play in every thing.
Fair meansایمانداری سے He was the game by fair means.
A fair handاچھی طرح سمجھ آنے والی لکھائی Ashiq has a fair hand.
Air promiseاچھے مواقعThere appears to be a fair promise in this business.
Fair - weather friendsضرورت کے وقت کام نہ آئےKeep away from fair- weather friends.
Fairy taleناقابل یقین کہانیHis love story is nothing but a fairy tale.
To pin one’s faithخلوص سےHe told me all this in good faith.
Fall acrossاتفاقا ملناI fell across an old friend on the road.
Fall amongOne night i fell among the thieves.
Fall awayزوال پذیر ہونا، کمزور ہوناGlory always fails away.
Fall behindپیچھے رہ جاناOur five year plans are falling behind.
Fall flatبے اثر ہوناAll his efforts to succeed fell flat.
Fall inکشمکش ہوناThe soldiers were ordered to fall in.
Fall in withمتفق ہونا، اتفاقا ملناThe ministers hand to fall in with the Prime Minister.
Fall offختم ہونا، مر جانا، گر جاناThe leaves fall of in autumn.
Fall onخوشی سے شروع کرناThe studious students fell on their books near the examination.
Fall overسوجاناMany Indian soldiers fell over in Kashmir.
Fall shortکمی ہونا، قلت ہوناSugar fell short in the marriage.
Fall throughناکام ہوناAll plans of men and mice fall through.
Fall uponحملہ کرناThe people fell upon the policemen near Jame Masjid.
To fall a preyشکار ہو جاناYou just fell a prey to his advice.
To fall in withاتفاق کرناI do not fall in with your views.
To fall outترک کرناDo not fall out of your hope.
In a family wayگھر کی طرحLet us gossip in a family way.
In the family wayحاملہI don’t think the bribe is in the family way.
To catch the fancy ofخوش ہوناMy cycle caught the fancy of my friend.
By farبڑی حد تکBenazir is by far the most powerful in the world today.
Far and nearہر طرفYou find Pakistani far and near ii the world.
Far and wideچاروں طرفRoss were far and wide in the garden.
Far betweenبے قاعدہMy visits to temples are few and far between.
Far cryلمبا عرصہPeace is a far cry from the cold war.
In so far asممکن حدI will help you in so far as it lies within my power.
Far-sightedدور اندیشMv fattier is a far-sighted man.
Far reachingزیادہ اثر رکھنے والاThis is my far-reaching plan.
Fast byقریبHe lives fast by the railway station.
To play fast and looseناقابل اعتبار ہوناDon’t play fast and loose with your parents.
Fast friendگہرا دوستBoth of them are fast friends.
Hard and fastیقینیThere are no hard and fast rules in international politics.
Fasten onنظریں گاڑھناThe boy fastened on the girl almost at first sight.
Fat-headedبے وقوف He is a fat-headed man.
Fatal blowمہلکHe stuck his enemy with a fatal blow.
At faultاحساس گناہFor the sad state of out education today our teachers are at fault.
Find faultتنقید کرناIt is easier to fine faults that to remedy them.
In favour ofکے حق میںHe drew his will and testament in favour of his sister.
TO fawn onخوشامد کرناThe children fawn on their parents.
Without fear and favourغیر جانبداری سےWe must do our duty without fear and favour.
A feather in one’s capاہم امتیازKashmir liberation is a feather in the cap of Indian Government.
In high featherاونچی ہواؤں میں ہوناWhen a person wins something, he is in high feather.
Show the shite featherبزدلی کا مظاہرہ کرناWhen Napoleon attacked, the Austrians showed the white feather.
Fed upبھرا ہواStudents are fed up with this false education that leads them from no where to nowhere.
To feel the pulseکسی کا راز معلوم کرناBefore taking any decision in respect of my brother’s marriage, my daddy would like to feel his pulse.
To feel at homeآرام دہ ہوناAll of us should try to make the foreign tourists feel at home while they are in Pakistan.
Fellowshipمحبت اور باہمی عزت کا اظہارThe king gave his minister the right hand of fellowship.
Fetch and carryکسی کا کوئی کام کر دیناHe fetched and carried for his teacher.
Fetch offمشکل سے نکالناHe fetched off the family from India.
Fetch upصحت یاب ہوناHe fetched up the girl into a beautiful maidenhood.
A good fewکثیر تعدادA good few attended the mourning meeting.
Quite a fewاچھی تعدادQuite a few came to meet the minister.
In fewمختصر لفظوں میںIn few, I will do my best to help you.
Some fewکم تعدادSome few came to the meeting.
The fewاقلیتThe few defeated the many.
To play the first fiddleرہنما کا کردار اداThe Prime Minister plays the first fiddle in politics.
Keep the fieldاپنی بنیاد قائم رکھناIn these days of soaring prices it is hard to keep the field in daily expenditure.
Fake the fieldجنگ جیسی تدبیریںWhen a child is angry with the parents, he takes the field.
Fight it outآخر تک کوششIf we seek to purge the nation of corruption we shall have to fight it Out.
Cut a figureنمایاں کرناSalma cuts a figure at every social function
Person of figureاہم آدمیIn the world of literature Bernard Shaw vill remain a person of figure.
Find one inپانا ، ملناYou will find God in children.
Find one’s account inمعقول نفع حاصل کرناEvery top government officer finds his account in the firms he deals within his official capacity.
Find outدریافت کرناThe IB must find out the truth about the murder of Ali Raza.
To find one’s legsبڑھنا، کھڑا ہوناWhen the drunkard found his legs he noticed that he was lying on the road.
Fine artsمائن آرئشFine arts require spare money for their pursuit.
To look throughنہ دیکھنے کا بہانہThe teacher has to look through its fingers.
Fire offتباہیThe examiner fired off a hundred questions.
On fireجلتا ہواIndia today is a house on fire.
Set on fire, set fire toجلاناThey set the house on fire.
Fire outمعطل کرد یناFire our this servant, he is a dishonest man.
Fire awayشروع کرناFire away with your work immediately.
Between two firesدو مشکلات میںSometimes circumstances put us between two fire.
To pour oil on fireجلتی پر تیل ڈالنا، مشکل کرناThe President speech poured oil on fire.
First come, first servedپہلے آئیے پہلے پائیےThe allotment of LDA flats is on the first come, first served basis.
From first to lastشروع سے آخر تکShe stood by me from first to last.
First and the fore mostسب سے اہمThe first and the foremost thing for you is to learn typing.
First thingپہلا نتیجہNervousness is the first fruit of affluence.
First waterاعلیٰ کوالٹیYoga is the first thing in the in the morning.
Fish in troubled watersنا موافق صورتThe fish in troubled waters is the order of the day.
A fish out of waterارد گرد کے ماحول میں بے چینیIn India I felt like a fish out of water.
Fits and startsبے ترتیبی سےWe should work regularly and not by fits and starts.
Fit outمسلحThe train is fitted out for the tour.
Fix onفیصلہ کرناYou must fix on great ambitions in life.
Fix upطے کرناThey have fixed tip an interview tomorrow.
Dip the flagجھنڈا نیچا کرنے کے بعد احتراما دوبارہ لہراناThey dipped the flag in honour of the king.
Red flagخطرہ کا نشانKashmir under Indian Government may hoist the red flag.
To burst into flamesشعلوں میں جلناThe van carrying explosive burst into flames.
Falt outپوری رفتارNear examination the students study their books flat Out.
Flee for one’s lifeزندگی بچانے کے لئے بھاگناMany good-hearted persons had to flee for their lives during the earth quake.
Flesh and bloodانسانی فطرتNo flesh and blood can bear the health torture.
In flesshاچھی حالت میںYou will find him in flesh.
To put on fleshتمام نوع انسانیHappiness is the best thing to put on flesh.
In the first, topاعلیٰ ترین درجہ میںRani is now in the top flight in National Public High School.
Fly in the face ofمخالفت کرنا، بے عزتی کرناThe disgruntled elements flew in the face of the Prime Minister.
Fly openاچانک کھل جاناGas flew open the cork of the bottle.
Fly outغصہ سے پھٹ پڑناDon’t fly out if something goes wrong.
No flies onLet there be no flies on administration.
To fly highبہت پر جوش ہوناLet us not fly high but proceed according to the facts of life.
To fly to armsاسلحہ اٹھاناThe Pakistani army flew to arms in the liberation of Kashmir.
Follow onکوشش جاری رکھناIf you feel, follow on.
Follow suitدوسرے کا کام جاری رکھناIf I go home. you follow the suit.
Follow upYou must follow up your success in business.
Food valuesمختلف خوراک کی خصوصیات Cultural values spring front food values.
Food of thoughtایسی بات جو کچھ سوچنے کا موقع دےThe death of my wife give me food for thought.
Fool awayبے مقصد ادھر ادھر گزار دیناI have fooled away the holidays.
Fool’s paradiseاحمقوں کی جنت ، جھوٹی امیدوں میںFor quarter of century after attaining independence, the people are living in fools paradise.
Made a fool ofکسی شخص کا مذاق اڑاناDon’t make a fool of me by holding hopes of becoming a minister.
Play the toolبے وقوف کا کردار ادا کرناHe thinks the President is playing the fool to the Prime Minister.
Be a fool toبوڑھے عاشق سے زیادہ کوئی بے وقوف نہیںI am a fool to Rashid.
Have one foot in the graveموت کے قریبMany leaders have one foot in the grave.
Set on footپیدا کرنا، ابتدا کرناHe has set the whole project on foot.
As forجہاں تک اس کا تعلق ہےAs for the work, you must depend on yourself.
For allتاہمHe fought and lost for all my advice.
For thatکیونکہHe bought a house for that he had ready cash.
For toکے لئےHe worked hard for to pay off his dabts.
For whyکیونکہHe did not eat or why he was ill.
Nothing for it butاس کے علاوہ اس سلسلے میں کچھ نہیں ہو سکتاIf he does not come, there is nothing for it but go and catch him.
Forasmuch asتمام حالات کے لئے قبول کر لیناI took his advice for better or worse.
To take for better or worseلبھانے والی لیکن ممنوعہ شےJob is a forbidden fruit to many of the young graduates today.
Forbidden fruitلازمی چیزLaw does not recognise an agreement made under force and fear.
Force the paceرفتار تیز رکھناYou cannot force the pace of economic happiness.
Forget oneselfاپنی قدر کھو دیناDon’t forget yourself when you mix with the crowd.
Form, good or badاچھی یا بری سماجی رسم کے مطابقThe boy turned out in good form. The old fold are always in bad form in society.
To make a fortuneبہت کماناHe has made a fortune in the business.
To try one's fortuneپھر خطر ناک قدمLet us try our fortune and join in his business.
Fall foul ofکشمکش میں ہوناThe students are falling foul of the authorities everywhere.
Foul playغلط لین دینWe should not indulge in a foul play with our friends.
Fountain of justiceمکمل انصافThe new Prime Minister of Pakistan is a fountain of justice.
The four seaہر جگہ Wind blows over the four seas.
Free handعمل کی آزادیThe President has free hand in the Parliament.
Make free withآشنا ہوناDon't be free with another’s money.
From hand ot monthبمشکل گزارہ کرناMost of the working class people of Pakistan today are living from hand to mouth.
From door to doorگھر سے گھر تکI am selling my wares from door to door.
Come to the frontنمایاں ہو جاناAfter the death of the Quid, Liaquat All khan came to the front.
In front ofPlease wait for me in front of the coffee house.
In full swingپورے جو بن پرThe school is in full swing this month.
To the fullمکمل طور پرI have paid of my debts to the full.
To be great funبہت مضحکہ خیز ہوناLife is said to be great fun in America.
Make fun ofمذاق اڑاناDon’t make fun of your friends.

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