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Business Letter
Wanted a second-hand camera, preferably automatic. Apply PT. Box No.121,c/o The Pakistan Times press, Rawalpindi.”
Mir Sahib,
March 31, 2014
The Advertiser,
P.T. Box No. 121 C..
C/o The Pakistan Times Press,
Dear Sir,
With reference to your enquiry, in the columns of the Pakistan Times of yesterday, for a good, second-hand, automatic camera, I have to inform you that I wish to dispose of a second-hand Agfa ‘Optima IIIS camera.
It is a fully automatic camera which does not require any complicated manual operations, It is complete with a beautiful leather case a set of filters (light yellow, medium yellow, yellow-green, orange, red, an ultra-violet), a lens-hood in a leather case of its own, a flash-gun, and a tripod.
I have used the camera extensively ever since I bought it nearly a year ago. !t has been used for making black-and-white as well as colored pictures, and I have also shot some transparencies with it. From every point of view, I have found its performance highly satisfactory.
Recently, my uncle returned from Lahore, after a stay of eight years there, and brought along a camera as a gift for me. It so happened that this was another Agfa Optima IIIS”. I have to dispose of one of these cameras now. For sentimental reasons, I cannot part with the one received form my uncle. Therefore, I have to sell the one I bought myself.
Should you like to inspect the camera and see , for yourself the quality of the pictures taken with it , you are welcome to do so by previous appointment I shall quote the price only after you have seen the camera.
Yours faithfully,
Shafqat Majeed

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