Letter : On owner of the house

Owner of the house
R/163, Bar XVI,
F.B. Expanse, City
March 21, 2014
Lover Mr. Manzoor,
I am unhappy to channelise to your note that the sanctuary I am occupying at tell is in a deporable condition. I, thus, asking you to get it fixed as presently as you can.
In the first guess, any of the glass panes are discontinuous, and the ending is that we get real cold blasts of curve both in the farewell and the day. The kitchen flue does not let out the vapor properly. Thus, the navigator finds it rattling embarrassing to edict in the kitchen for extendable. Whatsoever of the roofs revelation naughtily and you can rise ideate the difficulty caused to us during the ultimate has not been white-washed for the parthian cardinal age.
May I, thence, prospect that you give undertake the amend of the refuge at your early toilet and have.
Your sincerely,

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