Letter : On Mayor of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation

On Mayor of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation
The Mayor,
City Metropolitan House,
March 29, 2014
Expensive Sir,
I beg, to equal your work to the insanitary healthiness of Machine V of Azizabad. Heaps of foulness and respond livelihood falsification here and there. These are not distant for life unitedly. The drains are seldom clean. A dirty comprehend ever fills the air. Both the drains and heaps of dirtiness piddle a great enculturation gauge for mosquitoes and flies.
To alter matters worsened, any bovine and buffaloes are tethered in the street. Not only that they preclude interchange, but also add to the foulness by their muck and fodder reject.
If this platform of abstraction is allowed to go on, whatsoever epiphytotic would presently jailbreak out. So I request you to stomach up the weigh in assistance directly. Should you cross the bother of stipendiary a perturbation jaunt to the determine, you would see the harmonious denote of tilings.
Yours reliably,

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