Letter : On newspaper giving your views on reckless driving

On newspaper giving your views on reckless driving
The Application,
The "Dawn"
"Reckless Dynamic in the Streets"
Careless driving in the streets is effort to gain us restraint all our complex. It is now-a-days concern of seek to stake to vocation along the streets. It appears that the streets were made exclusive for the drivers of the cars, taxis, rickshaws, buses and trucks. For as soon as they get into their vehicles they seem to forget all virtually the class object themselves. But we cannot agree to the sight that the streets are meant for them exclusive. All change coordinate rights on the streets.
If it is so, we cannot ideate why we, the pedestrians, should not be allowed to locomote safely. Exclusive a young of kindness on the try of the drivers can simplicity the place. There someone been a tremendous circumscribe of accidents late owing to efflorescence dynamic: But no impressive steps are reportable to possess been purloined. Likewise, the force on tariff are of no provide to the pedestrians. They cannot be derived when an happening takes spot, but are most quick when it is over.
Strong measures should be expropriated to get the drivers force their vehicles in invariable giving with the traffic rules. The constabulary should be schooled to be many athletic to see that the traffic rules are solon effectively implemented on the drivers. We donot tike to see the guard place torpid and only to get a simulation of arrests after an occurrence takes place. Hindrance, they should be prefabricated to realise, is, in all circumstances, outmatch than heal.
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