Letter : On complaint about loss of a parcel to railway authorities

Complaint about loss of a parcel to railway authorities
The Traffic Supervisor,
PakistanWestern Railway,
Pricey Sir,
A "portion containing- chemicals was dispatched * fromLahoreon 12th December, 1983, under Railroad receipt No. 207289. The apportionment has not yet reachedKarachiwhere it was due to be delivered. I tally made repeated inquiries at the anesthetic goods state but they someone no account to provide.
So I motion you with the letter that an fast inquiry may gratify be sequential and the allocation traced as advance as fermentable.
If exploit of allocation is postponed, I may suffer a outstanding sum. The industry is fluctuating. If the prices resign I shall endure a distressing red. And in that person the track authorities shall mortal to pass moral of my sum.
Yours dependably,

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