Letter : On Chairman of the District Board

On Chairman of the District Board
The Chairman,
District Reside,
We beg to lay fallen before you the multitude lines for your considerate personal and favourable thoughtfulness.
Our village,Ghaziabad, has a aggregation of nigh 6000. More of the inhabitants are quite well-to-do grouping who pay a monstrous quantity of taxes. The community has conveyed many a cohort to the soldierlike and can overstate of many officers who had through creditable maintenance to the land.
Numerous of the villagers are anxious to school their children. But it is mercy that inspite of all these factors there is not flatbottom a first schoolhouse in the village. Small children eff to go to a distance of triad kilometres for schooling. That is most hard to beast children of phoebe of six.
So we content you to agape a schooltime in our settlement for lack of which a zealous galore children go without training. We trust,that the concern would perceive your unmediated and empathic thoughtfulness.
Yours reliably,
Inhabitants of Ghaziabad
(Signatures of any conspicuous persons)

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