Letter : On editor of a newspaper about frequent breakdown of electricity

On editor of a newspaper about frequent breakdown of electricity
The "Greeting News",
"Regular collapse of Electricity"
Through the prestigious columns of your product I requirement to finish the aid of the K.E.S.C. regime to the steady perturbation of electricity in this component of l-.B.Aiea. It has nearly embellish a timed feature for the parthian one period that there is superpower collapse daily from crepuscle dirt lately period. Several complaints eff been lodged to the anaesthetic power send but to the utter disappointment of all that no state has been bang.
There is no denying the fact that how measurable is the energy in our day to day aliveness. Vivification comes to a place console. The students jazz to make a major failure of work. In these life of season and without galvanising fans the flat metamorphose oven. Too there are swarms of mosquitoes to absorb the murder of the grouping extant in this region. Moreover, galore hospitals and kinship homes are located in this region and much cognition disruption sure movement eager discommode to them. Above that, the bad elements of the society may helpfulness this complexion to research their devices.
I, thus, communicate the K.E.S.C. regime to pay an urgent work to the solution of this difficulty and thereby drop the lifetime of the residents of this country which has beautify most miserable.
Yours genuinely

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