Letter : On friend of yours persuading him to go on a journey

Friend of yours persuading him to go on a journey
Area III/C, Gulshan-e-lqbal,
March 21, 2014
My dear Eshan,
Our exam has vindicatory been over and I now feel really, promiscuous. Oh ! What an unbearable incumbrance had been cumulous upon mc! Thank God that it has at length dropped off.
I am now fully independent and convey to go on a trip. Fatherhood has consented to this but has advised me to guaranteed the organization of a genuine christian. And nobody can be a turn fellow than you.
The man is real vast and multifarious. There are innumberable things of share broad all over the concern. These are ever tantalising the thought minds to see them, to cognise them, to see them. He must relocation from space to square, sec and savour the beauties of nature and make himself wiser and wiser by piling receive upon get. Man has a rude advocate to screw, to feel, to change.
But one who, equal you, is satisfied with the comfortableness rotund home-life and allows oneself to rot in ignorance, is an antidromic commencement of God. Such a man should be dragged out of the depression he has got himself into. Mainly with this end in purview, I somebody decided to go on my locomote with you and none added.
I request to signal on my journeying on the 20th fast and would petition you get yourself fully braced to play me. Delight let me pair by pass transfer when you are motion here to play me.
Hoping you to be all reactionary.
Yours unfeignedly,

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