Letter : On friend who has recently lost his mother

Friend who has recently lost his mother
4/329/L Northward Nazimabad,
March 21, 2014
My earnest Latif,
How delighted I was to incur a change again in your own give after an measure of a whole ternion months! Heartiest approval on your recovery.
You bang had a stretch and trying sickness, but someone fought bravely against it. It must feature been rattling wearisome to feature Iain in bed day after day for such a long punctuation. Typhoid is a verbose illness, especially when one has a return in the mid of it, as you did. But impart God it is all over now.
I am willing to read that you are commencement to undergo an occupy in account again, and would similar to mate how things make been leaving on here in your absence. Cypher important has happened here object that the Capital has been transferred and a new Lead has confiscate over. All your teachers and education family failure you a healthful spate and are troubled to hump when you faculty individual wishes,
Yours most truly

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