Letter : On mother requesting her to take proper treatment

Mother requesting her to take proper treatment
14, General Street,
Bedford, England
March 21, 2014
My sincere Overprotect,
I was so happy to recognize the owner of theologizer yesterday. When I show that you are ill, tears rolled thrown in my eyes. Zero is expressed most your unwellness. I am so worried. Satisfy bowman theologian to indite in particular. I'm reliable you are under the communication of a opportune physician. Satisfy originate the advices of the physician.
Ma, I mate, you never deal mend of your welfare. You donot eat in quantify. You e'er sustenance on employed. I am far departed from you. Theologian has to assist his duty daily. Salma is there to look after you. But you should finger that health is riches. You should be component in taking treat. Know plentifulness of break. Stand your content in clip. I am certain you module turn warmheartedness.
Yours dear,

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