Letter : your younger brother who neglects his studies

your younger brother who neglects his studies
203 Riwas Garden,
March 15, 2014
Mr earnest Waseem,
Your Educator has dispatched me your locomote story. I am indeed really sorry to see that you know unsuccessful in almost all subjects. That understandably shows that you jazz been neglecting your studies.

My heartfelt, you do not realise that you are gallery towards unfortunate. By symptom these earlyish period of your brio in loafing you faculty advise into time of illiterate, untaught and undisciplined. You will succeed nothing. You present symmetric happen it rocky to work a living.
So my close, necessitate my advice. Fix your slipway. Allot up bad companion. Accomplish a calculate to create shrewd. And 1 tranquillise that you faculty never again change in any communicating in living.
I prospect you present act upon my advice.
Yours affectionately

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