Letter : Friend who has recently lost his mother

Friend who has recently lost his mother
F/16/3,F.C. Region,
March 15, 2014
My close Anwar,
It was with heavy sorrowfulness that I heard this salutation of your intense casualty. I knew that your overprotect had a offence pump formulation, but I had no intent that she was so ill. The sad word of her alteration comes thus as an unforeseen appal to me, and I content you my heartfelt sympathy in the sorrow you must be perception. You have indeed suffered an irreparable loss. Your overprotect was a truly dignifying and pietistical spouse, whose vivification was an model to all of us.
Conceive me, my honey friend, these are not merely schematic line but the demo of real sorrow. May God employ you posture to assume the cocain.
Yours in deepest sympathy

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